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So I’m Back

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We drove home to New Jersey this past weekend to bury my Aunt on Monday. So it’s truly official now, she’s gone. It took a lot for me to sing the last song she would ever hear from me but I managed to get through it. It wasn’t my best rendition but it was what it was and she understood the sentiment behind it. But none the less it still hurts. They put an obituary in the paper and it didn’t even mention all of us, instead it mentioned a host of friends and family which is stupid because Shell didn’t really like people all that much. Those who were worth mentioning were my family and her best friend¬†thats it! Not sure what I will do now that I don’t have her to talk to like I’m so used to doing, not too sure how to feel. Some days I am sad and others I am ambivalent in a different place now. With a different set of thinking and maybe even understanding.


Michele R. JONES

WILLIAMSBURG – Michele R. Jones, was called to eternal rest on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. She slipped into a peaceful sleep in Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center.
Her life began on June 20, 1956, the daughter, of Gladys Fields and the late Lawrence McCross. She was employed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as an Executive Housekeeper at the Woodlands. She proudly served her country in the United States Army and was Honorably Discharged as a Staff Sergeant. Throughout her lifetime, she made many friends and she will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.
She was also preceded in death by her husband, Henry Jones Jr.
She leaves to cherish her precious memories, her devoted son, James Jones; her mother, Gladys Fields; her sister, Theresa McCross White (Ronald); her brothers, Jeffrey McCross and Damieon McCross; her maternal grandmother, Jessie M. Dales; her five grandchildren; and a host of other loving relatives and many caring friends.
The family will receive friends and Mrs. Jones may be viewed in Whiting’s Funeral Home from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009. Final arrangements will be held in Newark, N.J.
Professional services entrusted to the staffs of Whiting’s Funeral Home, 7005 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, Va., 757 229-3011, and Whigham Funeral Home, 580 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Newark, NJ 07102. View and post condolences on our online guestbook at

Time For a Little Laughter

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Sweet Addictions TV Candy and Skittles so hilarious!

Death and Dieing

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I am so totally confused, I am a ball of emotions. Dec 5, 2009 marked the day of great loss in my life. I lost my Auntie, and though knew that her death was near I hadn’t expected it to be so soon. I don’t know what I had expected but I didn’t think she would leave at the drop of a dime. Today I fell, guess I had been holding all my emotions inside so well that they made my legs give way and I dropped to the floor in my bedroom sobbing uncontrollably. I know that she is in a better place and that she’s not hurting anymore but I just cant seem to let go of her here. It’s like that scene in the hospital was all a bad dream, like I didn’t walk into Sentara General and find her dead on an ER bed with her eyes wide open and my cousin sobbing at her side. All I could think of was “is this real? Am I really here?”. Before I could get back to the room my uncle was storming out telling me SDV I think we just lost her man, I think she’s gone. I walked swiftly back behind the emergency doors to room 19 where the doctor was trying to close her eyes and my cousin was at her side tears streaming down his face talking on his cel phone. I tried to hug him but he didn’t want me to, I immediately apologized afterward not sure what I was thinking when I tried to embrace him. When he shunned me off I backed up and I just stood there for a while hoping to see her blink or part her lips to mumble maybe even give us a smirk as if she were saying “gotcha!” but none of that happened. Inside there was just this blank stare in her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling and thats when I began to cry. No sobs, no wimpers, no screams or gasps for air, just a stream of single tears because she was gone. And now I don’t know what to do or how to feel, I thought I was lost before but I think I’m truly lost now. She was the only Aunt I’ve ever had, she was like my mother she was a bestfriend. She was there for me when I was so depressed I couldn’t leave my house. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me good food, she taught me alot. She is a huge part of me, she is me. I was her Ms. D.

Wtf Is This??

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they really allowed him to post this mess! wow absolutely a bad look for the group….real bad look! This is so suspect!

Love This!!

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New Love Items

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putting i my order next week woot woot!

I don’t Know About This One

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Please do not misunderstand I love Al B. Sure lord knows that man is super gorgeous to me but it confuses me to hear him sing and then when he speaks lmao. His voice is so freaking deep and oooober sexy and I dig his speaking voice and his old school music but IDK with this one.

What do you think??

Where I’m Going

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Infinite possibilities drive focus and determination¬†are what I lost but now I’ve found it all again…this clip represents my new way of thinking and where I’m going! I’m so excited and getting ready for the things I want in my life!

She Has Such A Beautiful Light

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TracieMae is freaking hilarious! Love this chick too just watch

Ginormous Pimple!

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Grrrr to the ginormous pimple on my damn chin its all bright red and it hurts and its totally annoying feels like its trying to rip through my skin. So the fight is on I have declared war on the chin pimple Juice Beauty’s Blemish clearing syrum to the rescue!