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Call Me Crazy

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I’m a fan and that’s all I’ve gotta say about that!


Another of Durand’s Medleys

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I love this video it made me laugh, rock and go to church just a little bit! Gotta love his creativity!!

Love This!

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I think I’ve said it before on this site but if I have not I will say it here and now I freaking love Ryan Leslie, his creativity is off the charts and what I love most about him is that he leaves a piece of himself in every beat, song, or artist he puts out. He is one of my top producer picks I must say and it doesn’t hurt that he’s nice on the eyes too!

Check out more of his life and work at the link below

Durand Bernarr

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this baby has phenomenal pipes

I’ve known about him for sometime now so there are no real reasons as to why I’ve yet to post some of his stuff other then I just suck and am super late in provided whom ever read this some good music. Obviously he can be found on Youtube under Alchoholharmony and on Twitter as well. Check him out though kids, he’s great, the vocal range is freaking amazing and he’s quite the character on Youtube. There’s rarely a dull moment with him be if from his amazing voice or just entertaining antics.

Link to his Youtube below:


Chris Brown Fan Here!!

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I had to post this because it made me smile. Props to and her affiliates for the video.

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