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Durand Bernarr

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this baby has phenomenal pipes

I’ve known about him for sometime now so there are no real reasons as to why I’ve yet to post some of his stuff other then I just suck and am super late in provided whom ever read this some good music. Obviously he can be found on Youtube under Alchoholharmony and on Twitter as well. Check him out though kids, he’s great, the vocal range is freaking amazing and he’s quite the character on Youtube. There’s rarely a dull moment with him be if from his amazing voice or just entertaining antics.

Link to his Youtube below:



Wink Threading Studio

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Where I work, isn’t it gorgeous!!

Check us out


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So I have an awesome job I won’t deny it, its pretty chill situation and I get along with all of my coworkers which is an obvious bonus. I say we get along primarily because we barely see one another not unless we work together regularly. I’m a freelance makeup artist when I feel like it and an eyebrow threader by day as well as a part time sometimes full time student. My life is kind of great finally so I have nothing to complain about. I find that most people hate their jobs and honestly I used to be one of them. But this job has faired best amongst all the other crap shoot jobs I’ve had in the past. So I’m loving life and attempting to enjoy time.

Ah well if you hate what you do find something new!!

Signed Senior Mgt.


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I never thought about time in a specific way until I was speaking to an old friend yesterday. He said something about enjoying his life and time, and the idea of him enjoying time just threw me off  a bit. People never really speak about time in that sort of way, I think it’s high time I start learning to enjoy time more. Most often when I consider time I see it in a negative light or with a negative conotation attached to it, you know the saying “time waits for no man” and other quotes I can’t think of at the moment. I’m starting to change the way I think and carry myself and the way I view time will be one of the first things I change. Time for me will no longer be a negative thing, I’m not sure how it ever became negative I guess that could be due to my never wanting to wait for anything. I guess I could say that my understandings of time were negative because I tied time to my happiness and on that path it became negative.  But I don’t know and at this point I’m just rambling so I’m going to stop this here and mark this as the beginning of my new understanding of time.


Time In My Hands

Time For a Little Laughter

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Sweet Addictions TV Candy and Skittles so hilarious!


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Can I just tell you how bad of a blogger I truly am, lmao I have been so distant from this blog it makes not a lick of sense! So I am going to try to be back in the swing of things but yeah we’ll see just how that works out.  In the time that I have been away I took a moment to get my life together and somethings in order. I had been feeling lost for a really long time and hadn’t been myself truly, thank god that six months later I am complete to some degree and doing much better than before. I am currently enrolled at Virginia Wesleyan College working toward graduating May of 2011 so I am pretty happy on that front. There have been several ups and downs but for the most part I am approaching my life with a more positive attitude realizing that not everything is going to work out right away but God will work it out in due time. I am still single and not dating anyone new, honestly I am not even interested in dating someone right now. More so focused on my education and being a happier and better person. I’ve decided that the next person I get involved with needs to be someone I can see myself with long term maybe even leading to marriage, as for causual dating I don’t know. I guess I don’t really see anything wrong with hanging out and having a good time but I’m not entertaining any physically intimate activity without a relationship between myself and whoever he may be.

I got a new ATTITUDE!!

I am currently at my sisters she just gave birth to a healthy and gorgeous baby boy. So as I write this blog I am rocking him in my right arm. He’s spoiled already, having gotten used to being put to sleep in someone’s arms. Check for pictures after the break!! I’ve gotta run for now gotta help my sister get situated to feed him.

Born 12/1/09 Isaiah Gene Fisher

Peace and Blessings SDV

Wtf Is This??

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they really allowed him to post this mess! wow absolutely a bad look for the group….real bad look! This is so suspect!

Love These Dudes

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This video was just hilarious to me you gotta love them boys from Texas.

I don’t Know About This One

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Please do not misunderstand I love Al B. Sure lord knows that man is super gorgeous to me but it confuses me to hear him sing and then when he speaks lmao. His voice is so freaking deep and oooober sexy and I dig his speaking voice and his old school music but IDK with this one.

What do you think??

She Has Such A Beautiful Light

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TracieMae is freaking hilarious! Love this chick too just watch