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In poems for thought on December 29, 2008 at 6:53 am


    Trying to fight back the tears of frustration and confusion I’m lost in my own complexities and I wonder why

    Can’t say that I have ever had any real answer to cure the frustrations can’t say that I have anything I just know

    What I understand is that my life is on a preordered plan one of which I can’t seem to control although I try

    In my desperate attempts I see fragments of who I want to be and should be but I fall short of the me I want

    I don’t want these feelings of loss, have no use for laments of depression but here is where I sit even if I start anew    

    I pray and ask God to help me find my way out, but it seems as if these prayers fall on unread letters

    Surely he’s heard my cries and I somehow have a sense that things will be ok but the waiting is what kills me

    But I know all the same that the waiting is what is within the plan, though I can’t seem to save me from myself

    Much as I might try I’m never saved from the heart ache, I have so much going on I feel as if I am timeless

    Without the time I cannot complete anything and I feel rushed carry this load with such intensity stress written all over my face

    If money were the cure to my frustrations I might be ok for a while but I think that they’d find me again anyway




Listening to : Brandy, Human 2008