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Another of Durand’s Medleys

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I love this video it made me laugh, rock and go to church just a little bit! Gotta love his creativity!!


Sleep Deprived

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Salvador Dali

So this weeks lack of posts is due solely to my inability to get adequate rest! I am freaking exhausted this week, my body just wants to sleep but for some reason I can’t stop my mind from spinning eighty miles a second. So when I lay down and attempt to get some shut-eye its like and unending hamster wheel in the head. Where is the off switch shit?! I’m sleepy are you??

Finding and Keeping Happiness

In sdv on the world on August 19, 2010 at 1:57 am

I used to wonder if I was every truly happy, I believed for a long time that happiness had been avoiding my life since I was twelve years old. But then I realized not to long ago that, happiness is a state of mind one chooses to be in. And for a long time it seems that I have chosen the latter, consistently choosing to let even the smallest of thing sabotage a potentially great day. Not sure where I got that self sabotaging notion but I don’t think that I am alone in that practice. A lot of people do it everyday and without even noticing it, but I am now chosing to recognize those gloomy clouds when they arise. I don’t want to let them take over a whole day when it’s never really that serious. Oh and I’m suggesting that you kids do the same!!

Currently reading: Write it Down Make it Happen

Makeup on the go vol.1

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Bold lip flawless face
Products: mac foundation in studio fix fluid (nc45), studio sculpt concealor (nw35), cheeks mac style blush and elf deep mineral powder for contour, lips mac girl about town lipstick and magenta lip liner

Love This!

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I think I’ve said it before on this site but if I have not I will say it here and now I freaking love Ryan Leslie, his creativity is off the charts and what I love most about him is that he leaves a piece of himself in every beat, song, or artist he puts out. He is one of my top producer picks I must say and it doesn’t hurt that he’s nice on the eyes too!

Check out more of his life and work at the link below

Learning To Let Go

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I think that I have yet to learn the art of truly walking away from something or someone. Somehow or another I always end up right back where I started. Believe that’s due to the familiarity and comfort of an old situation but that doesn’t mean I need to descend down the rabbit hole I once climbed out of.

I need to do this more often

What about you guys? Do you ever find yourself back tracking even though you know that’s not what’s best for you or the situation? My sister used to tell me all the time about how she couldn’t have sex with new people because it was so awkward, I thought that was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard until I found myself in that position minus the sex. I have no issues in getting to know new people but becoming intimate with them, divulging personal information and swapping life stories all seems next to impossible sometimes. Most likely because I haven’t let go of something or someone else. I’m thinking that I should approach each new encounter with an opportunity of friendship, at least that way I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in the beginning stages of getting to know someone new. Either way I still need someone to teach me the art of letting go!


KBB or Karen’s Body Beautiful

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Hey kids,
Don’t mind that I call you kids it’s just something I say. That aside I’ve been hearing a lot about this line but I have yet to actually try it myself and seeing as though I live in dinklefunk city so all the good stuff never seems to get here so I’ve got to order everything! Anyway I need the goods on this line who wants to help??


KBB Interview w/Society and Style

Luscious Locks Hair Mask

Curvy Fab

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I need this in my life

This dress would love my curves the right way!

Top to bottom: top dress is the original convertible short version, bottom dress is the newest take of Monif . C’s convertible dresses. So freaking sexy right?! Oh and by the way red is like my all time favorite color I own a ton of things in various hues. I don’t own any of Monif’s dresses as of yet but I will soon enough!


FYI: Both dresses are under $300 bucks

Durand Bernarr

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this baby has phenomenal pipes

I’ve known about him for sometime now so there are no real reasons as to why I’ve yet to post some of his stuff other then I just suck and am super late in provided whom ever read this some good music. Obviously he can be found on Youtube under Alchoholharmony and on Twitter as well. Check him out though kids, he’s great, the vocal range is freaking amazing and he’s quite the character on Youtube. There’s rarely a dull moment with him be if from his amazing voice or just entertaining antics.

Link to his Youtube below:


Wink Threading Studio

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Where I work, isn’t it gorgeous!!

Check us out