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Wtf Is This??

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they really allowed him to post this mess! wow absolutely a bad look for the group….real bad look! This is so suspect!


Love This!!

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New Love Items

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putting i my order next week woot woot!

Another Week of Self Serving Friends Too Many!

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Man I’m just don’t seem to be having a great week and to be honest I’m trying hard not to own this bad week but damn it if things don’t seem to keep falling apart at the seams. I’m just so freaking frustrated and I’m trying to let things go but lord knows for me to let go is a serious struggle. I don’t want to own my anger towards some friends but the truth is I should own it because its a reality. I’m upset with them and I do feel extremely hurt and slighted by them and its so frustrating because I feel like there’s nothing I can do about it, normally I would speak my mind and let them know how I feel but I feel like there’s no point. You can’t make someone give a shit when they don’t want to or have no interest in doing so. My frustrations come from me being upset at the fact that I care more than they do and this seems to be happening more often, so what do I do? I really don’t know how to make myself care less.

Earlier this week I tweeted that I’m so sick of self serving friends, guess the best thing for me to do is to let them go too but damn! I’m so sick of having to reevaluate friendships every so many years, I am me and when I fugg up I am apologetic for it and I’m just tired of friends who don’t do the same!


Love These Dudes

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This video was just hilarious to me you gotta love them boys from Texas.

It’s Time for the Yum-o Hottie of the Week

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All I’ma say is this man is just super duper fine and oh so sexy omg he could catch it!
I give you Channing Tatum

How adorable is this pic love it!

How adorable is this pic love it!

Look at his lips oooh weee

Look at his lips oooh weee

I don’t Know About This One

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Please do not misunderstand I love Al B. Sure lord knows that man is super gorgeous to me but it confuses me to hear him sing and then when he speaks lmao. His voice is so freaking deep and oooober sexy and I dig his speaking voice and his old school music but IDK with this one.

What do you think??

Not Missing

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just when you think you have nothing left and are so done with what you have, things come right side up and life breaths back into you

thought i might regret every moment i made a mistake and then learned to love my mistakes, learned to love the me i forget about at times

its imperative that in my existence things flake and fall off in order for me to see the good i need to get through the mush

i cant say that now everything is perfect but what i can say is that im breathing when just a few weeks ago i felt like God had sucked the purest life out of my soul. when humanity closed his door in my face and shut me down sending on me on an emotional shooting star burning so hot i was busting at the seams with tears on every turn. but im here and i made it through what surely could have broken me, though i am strong i never thought id feel as low as i have for the pass few weeks. not knowing which end of life was up and which was down. i forgot that things must be turned upside down for them to be right side up in my small corner of the world and i am who i am for all that i was. learning is most certainly a virtue even when it hurts the most and i’m learning and ever grateful for being able to. i dont know that this is true for everyone but sometimes things have to be ripped from you in order for you to see the good and the love in everything and though i may be more emotional now i am my truest self when my emotions erupt. i say erupt because thats just what they do….when im the happiest im all over the place feeling the space around me with a crazy energy of blissfully stupid happiness for no apparent reason.

i’m just grateful that through everything, every test and moments where i’m broken and praying endlessly for repair things come full circle upside down but right side up for me.


Where I’m Going

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Infinite possibilities drive focus and determination are what I lost but now I’ve found it all again…this clip represents my new way of thinking and where I’m going! I’m so excited and getting ready for the things I want in my life!

She Has Such A Beautiful Light

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TracieMae is freaking hilarious! Love this chick too just watch