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Trying Hard To Find My Way

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                I never thought that l would be amongst the many that is affected by the current state of the U.S economy. But apparently I have thought wrong my job too has decided to down size and they are now closing one of our dual properties i.e. the one that gave me the other half of my 40 hour week. So now I’m stuck like chuck and the rest of the world trying to figure out what and how I’m going to live without the income I had. Especially when the world we’re living in today has less and less jobs on the market. I thought about just finishing school during this crisis but shit I can’t really afford to do that because I still have bills that need to be paid and hell I want to be able to continue to live somewhat of my comfortable lifestyle but that’s kind of far off in the distance now. My job has offered those like me a chance to apply to work in the union which for me would be a guaranteed job but shit the hours won’t be there so it’s a guarantee and then not one all at the same time because there is a high possibility that I will barely work and I can’t afford to do that either so again I’m stuck like chuck trying to figure things out and live my life comfortably. I could be in a far worse position and I thank god that I am not there but none the less this predicament is frustrating and this is just a tid bit of the drama going on in my little chaotic world.


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Yum-O Hottie of the Weeks lol Micheal Ealy

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SORRY TO MY LADIES AND SOME OF MY FELLAS…I’ve been so m.i.a just trying to stay afloat with all the drama and chaos in my own little world.

This week I’ve brought you Mr. Beautiful Blue eyes himself aka the hottie who stared in  one of Beyonce’s latest videos Halo

 Micheal Ealy



Thought I would post the spendiferous Halo video here for you but apparently B’s got that mess on lock every single official video clip I found on the wonderful world of youtube is unavailable lol so check out Be’s youtube page to find it!