Do They Represent Dissension Amongst Americans?

In i'm just saying, sdv on the world on December 23, 2008 at 5:50 am
The Obama's

The Obama's

I like to believe that they do not represent a dissension of any kind, as to me they are a real portrait of American families throughout the US. Granted they are African-American, they represent an ethnicity which is something far different from what we’re used to seeing in the white house. I love them and I’m proud of the country we live in because of what they represent in today’s world. And if you’re slow they represent the infinite possibilities that America was or is supposed to be about. But everyday I seem to see more and more dissension and I have to ask what the hell is that about? If we’re a country that represents equal opportunity why is it that everyone so mad about a black man in the white house, oh ad to be real technical he is biracial so there is a little bit of everyone in the white house.

Dare I ask, but is there more prejudice-ness in the air?



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